Preliminary Proposals
Reclamation Extent

We preliminarily propose 1 000 ha of KYCAI which comprises three islands (namely Island A – about 380 ha, Island B – about 380 ha and Island C – about 240 ha), which forms a Y-shape channel separating the islands. In formulating the proposed “Three-island configuration”, factors including ecology, water quality, engineering feasibility, marine traffic and port operation have been fully considered.

The proposed configuration can keep the artificial islands away from hard coral communities with ecological value along the coastlines of Kau Yi Chau, Siu Kau Yi Chau, Sunshine Island and Peng Chau. The Y-shape channel will effectively cope with the impact of reclamation on water quality and ecology by maintaining sufficient water flow velocity in the waters nearby.

The design of the water channels is aligned with the prevailing wind direction to reduce the urban heat island effect. Besides, in order to enhance construction efficiency and cost effectiveness, we propose carrying out reclamation in shallower waters. The proposed reclamation extent has also minimised impacts on the existing fairways and anchorage areas.

We also plan to use the water channel as an ecological refinement measure to promote biodiversity through such as deploying artificial reefs at seabed and building eco-shoreline in the intertidal zone. The coastline design will echo the surrounding islands, increase waterfront open space, and promote water sports. It also provides diversified activity venues and optimises living space.

For the geographical location of the KYCAI, we have thoroughly considered in the design the risk of flooding and overtopping waves and will adopt a progressive adaptive approach by formulating a preliminary plan that can tackle coastal hazards, including setting a suitable site formation level for the artificial islands, designing adaptive and resilient coastal protection measures and planning a buffer zone between shoreline and development area, etc.

We are conducting an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study for the KYCAI development. The preliminary findings show that the proposed reclamation works would not cause insurmountable impacts on ecology and fisheries. The Government will also review the system of granting the ex-gratia allowances for fishermen affected by marine works projects in Hong Kong waters.