Study Overview
Study Background

According to the Conceptual Spatial Framework under the final recommendations of “Hong Kong 2030+: Towards a Planning Vision and Strategy Transcending 2030” (Hong Kong 2030+) promulgated in 2021, the development of the Kau Yi Chau Artificial Islands (KYCAI), which is at a strategic position within the expanded Harbour Metropolis, can provide about 1 000 hectares (ha) of land for meeting part of the medium to long-term land requirement of Hong Kong.

The 2022 Policy Address stated that the KYCAI will expand the scope and capacity of Hong Kong’s development and enhance Hong Kong’s competitiveness as a financial, commercial and trade centre. It is also brought up in the 2023 Policy Address that KYCAI will provide 1 000 hectares of land, creating a new central district with liveable, smart, green and resilient development strategies. The KYCAI will also connect the Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island, the airport, New Territories West and even Qianhai of Shenzhen.

The Study on the Artificial Islands in the Central Waters commissioned by the Civil Engineering and Development Department and the Planning Department in June 2021 mainly comprises a planning and engineering study on the KYCAI and a technical feasibility study on strategic road and rail connecting the artificial islands.

Way Forward

We aim to commence the statutory process of environmental impact assessment for reclamation within 2024 and gradually proceed with detailed design for the KYCAI. The "Committee on the Financing of Major Development Projects" led by the Financial Secretary will continue to explore specific financial arrangements for overall major land supply and transport infrastructure projects. Based on the progress of these studies and assessments, we will formulate specific implementation strategies for the KYCAI, prepare a budget and pragmatic project implementation programme for project investment, allocation of manpower and material resources. We strive to start the reclamation project within the current term of government.

Planning Together

To realise community participation in planning the core area of a new generation, we have set up a platform with six professional institutes for in-depth discussions on the major planning concepts and certain important planning issues, with a view to putting forward creative suggestions for the artificial islands.