Study on the Artificial Islands in the Central Waters

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Independent Expert Panels / Study Team's Professional Advisors

Expert Advisory Panel for Study on the Artificial Islands in the Central Waters

The panel members comprise academics, professionals and experts from various sectors and give expert advice and views on the study.

  1. Mr CHAN Chi-chiu
  2. Professor Leslie CHEN Hung-chi
  3. Mr LAU Chun-kong
  4. Mr Vincent NG Wing-shun
  5. Professor Edward NG Yan-yung
  6. Ms Iris TAM Siu-ying
  7. Dr Winnie TANG Shuk-ming
  8. Professor WONG Sze-chun
  9. Professor Eric YIM Chi-ming
  10. Mr Ricky YU Wai-yip

Urban Forestry and Biodiversity Focus Group

The focus group provides expert advice on the formulation of the urban forestry and biodiversity framework and initiatives for the KYCAI, including - (i) formulation of key urban forestry and biodiversity design principles and strategies to be taken forward in the design process; (ii) identification of a spectrum of habitats and recruitment of suitable species in support to ecosystem development; (iii) approach to formulate initiatives for incorporating urban forestry and biodiversity at the build-form, open space and marine ecology; and (iv) exploration of practical actions on implementation methods.

  1. Professor Leslie CHEN Hung-chi
  2. Dr Billy HAU Chi-hang
  3. Professor Kenneth LEUNG Mei-yee

Carbon Neutrality Focus Group

The focus group is comprised of three local experts in the field of decarboinsation on architecture, transportation and construction. It is an independent advisory group for providing expert advice on the formulation of carbon neutrality strategies and initiatives for the KYCAI development.

  1. Mr MK LEUNG
  2. Mr Simon NG
  3. Professor Thomas NG Shiu Tong

Expert Advisors on the Cogent and Convincing Materials Report for Temporary Reclamation

Expert advisors to provide professional advice on the reclamation works to demonstrate the compliance to the Protection of the Harbour Ordinance and the Overriding Public Need Test

  1. Professor Charles NG Wang-wai
  2. Ir Professor William LAM Hing-keung

Expert Panel on Reclamation and Coastal Resilience

Panel members to offer views and comments on KYCAI reclamation and coastal resilience.

  1. Professor Joseph LEE Hun-wei
  2. Professor Philip LIU Li-fan
  3. Professor ZHANG Chang-kuan

Independent Advisors on Specific Matters

Independent advisors to offer views and comments on the following specific matters, including Marine Mammals, White-bellied Sea Eagles and Corals.

Marine Mammals

  1. Prof Bernd WÜRSIG
  2. Dr Thomas JEFFERSON
  3. Professor CHEN Tao

White-bellied Sea Eagles

  1. Mr Samson SO


  1. Professor QIU Jianwen

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